MMI’s unique colloidal silica bonded monolithic refractory products offer an alternative to traditional refractory technology used in the glass furnace. Metpump® brand products can be used in different applications for cold and hot repairs, in emergencies and for scheduled repair projects.


  • Full construction and major repair on chimneys, regenerators, canals and ports
  • Full construction and major repair on all the melter tank areas: subpaving, working lining floor, glass contact walls, doghouse, upperstructure, tuckstones, endwall and melter crown
  • Full construction and major repair on refiner, alcoves and forehearths.
  • Cold minor / partial repair projects.
  • Hot repairs using either Metpump® monolithic products or precast shapes
  • Precast, prefired ready to used ceramic shapes for the glass furnace in any geometry and use: peepholes, burner blocks, pressure blocks, tuckstones, port sills, TC blocks, division blocks, cover blocks, etc.
Glass Shapes match-marked and ground to fit in less than 3 weeks.


  •  Metpump® High Alumina, Mullite, and Fused Silica Products
  • Increased Furnace Availability – Shorter downtime
  • Reduced Dry-Out Time
  • Rapid Furnace Turn-Around
  • Self Leveling Products
  • Hot Repairs
  • Crown Repairs while the Furnace is Running
  • Lower inventory required for the end user
  • Meaningful Energy Savings