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Providing equal or greater life compared to fused cast products, MetPump® will extend the life cycle and productivity of your glass furnace–with less downtime.

Precast, cast or shot, Metpump® conforms to any geometry, allowing us to convert multiple blocks into single shapes that install faster, reducing lost production time and operational costs.

MetPump® also significantly reduces joints, increasing furnace thermal flow/efficiency and lowering energy cost.

MetPump® will get you back in operation sooner. For cold installs, complete refractory sets can be produced in weeks, reducing your capex recovery cycle 50% or more versus conventional bricks and blocks. We also keep material on hand so we can react quickly if you need a hot repair.

Performance & Value:

  • Short lead time
  • Increased campaign life
  • Exceptional hot strengths
  • Highly resistant to alkali attack
  • Enhanced thermal shock/cycling resistance
  • Low porosity /increased abrasion resistance
  • Low carbon footprint

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