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With superior performance, short material lead times and fast installs, MetPump® delivers extended lifecycles and reduced downtime. In addition, MetPump’s reduced porosity and superior non-wetting minimizes or eliminates corundum related damage.

Available precast, cast or shotcreted on site for increased install speed, MetPump® contains no chemically bound water, making dry out significantly faster.

Magneco/Metrel has the material, equipment, skilled operators, and knowledgeable onsite personnel to assist with complete furnace relining, cold/hot repairs, and related equipment relines. Metpump® is ideal for use in box type, open well, top charge, multi-chamber, rotary type furnaces, and surrounding areas.

Often imitated but never duplicated, MetPump® is the original colloidal silica bonded refractory.


  • Subhearth
  • Working Hearth
  • Sill & Ramp
  • Lower Wall
  • Upper Wall & Flue
  • Roof Hot Face
  • Roof Insulation
  • Burner Surrounds
  • Jambs & Lintels
  • Troughs
  • Filter boxes
  • Hot metal floors